Making a difference while traveling the world

Just 53 days left till I leave for my trip! Crazy!!! Time is flying by and there’s so much to do!

I’m really excited because I just received my placement information for Thailand today through the organization, Volunthai. I’ll be teaching at a school, called Prangku School in the Chaiyaphum province in central-northeastern Thailand. According to my coordinator, it’s a big school with more than 2,000 students in a small village that isn’t t00 far from town, relatively speaking (who knows how far that actually is), where the “teachers and students are very nice and people in the village are lovely.” I’ll be staying with a teacher from the school in the 2-story school guest house with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. Doesn’t sound too shabby, although I don’t mind roughin’ it for a few weeks.  🙂

Before I get there, I need to come up with different exercises and methods to teach English to these kids. Any suggestions?



Comments on: "53 days and counting…My Thailand school and homestay" (4)

  1. Ashley Cahill said:


    I love the website & posts so far. You’re living the dream, girl! That’s so exciting! I can’t wait to read all about your adventures abroad this summer 🙂

    So, as far as suggestions go about teaching English, I can totally ask my mom what she does (she’s taught English to Spanish students & Portuguese to English students, so lot’s of experience!) When I look back on my old days of Portuguese school, I always seem to remember the songs and nursery rhymes the most. I’ll look into some other options for you too. Don’t worry though, you’ll be great!

  2. When I was teaching ESL, I found that music, stories, and art are the best ways to teach kids another language. Whatever you teach has to be meaningful to them so that they will remember. Good luck! What a wonderful opportunity for you to share your gifts!

  3. Denise Brousseau said:

    Hi Jessica!
    I would recommend starting with numbers, weather, food, and use lots of pictures or chalk board drawings. Have the students illustrate words in their notebooks too…if/when you cover food, I would bring food with you and make a party of it…also, idiomatic expressions are fun to teach and learn…

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